Gino Guarnere

Philadelphia-based photographer Gino Guarnere has become a rising force in the local photography industry. His blend of creative photojournalism and technical mastery of lighting and post processing has allowed him to build a photography portfolio that has been featured in books, magazines and major publications such as the Infoweek 500 and other important journals and periodicals.

Gino is regarded as a talented photojournalist across a variety of mediums and is known for his unobtrusive style and keen perspectives on the everyday. His wedding photography brings new perspective to the medium, and his use of off-camera lighting has raised the bar for wedding and event portraiture at the national level. He's also an award-winning portrait photographer and continues to break new ground in event photography techniques with his talent for light, shade, and composition.

In addition to being an award winning photographer, he was trained as a musician and has performed as a pianist and vocalist for hundreds of thousands of people from Philadelphia to Austria. He's performed on countless recordings and studio sessions, and has played in some of the most notable bands to ever come out of the Philadelphia area.

As a DJ, his musical background has served him well, and he can cut, drop, and mix alongside DJs who have been in the game for twice as long as he has. It has been said that he's the only person on the planet who can show up at your wedding, perform the cocktail hour on the piano while singing, take award-winning photos of your first dance, and then crush the dance floor as a DJ for the rest of the evening. And he's done just that at many weddings.

Gino is the proud grandson of William "Wild Bill" Guarnere of the HBO Mini Series, "Band of Brothers." If you haven't seen it, you should put it on your To-Do List!

Feel free to visit his personal website to get the latest on events and other news from behind Gino's lens.

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